Sticky Fingers Robbed And Narrowly Avoid Brawl While On Tour In France

According to the band’s own diary Sticky Fingers’ European tour has had a few rough patches so far, with reports that the Sydney 5-piece have been attacked by their promoters, had some of their gear stolen and narrowly avoid a brawl with a few locals.

There’s something about the Sydney crew, which seemed to rub French people the wrong way. While performing in the city of Lille, the band’s tour van was broken into while they were performing on stage. It was a particularly unlucky situation for the band’s tour manager, Jimmy, who had his wallet, shoes, backpack, phone and passport all stolen.

The drama didn’t end there, however. When the boys decided to kick on at the Walkabout Aussie bar Paddy Fingers found himself on the wrong side of the his French booking agent Gerald. In the tour diary Paddy explains that Gerald, “was not impressed with our monkey business” and backhanded the bassist.

Later that evening, the band managed to get themselves into even more trouble on account of the language barrier when Paddy once again landed in hot water with some locals after they took offence to some miscommunication regarding a borrowed bike and attempted to start a brawl.

The Sticky Fingers crew have spent a lot of time bumming around Music Feeds Studio and from our experiences…well let’s just say this adds up.

Do your best to stay out of jail boys, but if you end up there maybe we can organise a phone interview.


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