Stone Sour Will Record New Album After Soundwave 2012

Corey Taylor has spoken about plans to record a new album in 2012 with his side project band, Stone Sour. The singer is about to head out on a solo tour and will be in Australia playing with Slipknot for the Soundwave Festival in early 2012, so it looks like he has a busy year ahead of him.

Speaking with Billboard, Taylor said:

Right now we’re(Stone Sour) just working on demos… and a pretty grandiose idea that I’ve been kind of chewing on for a long time…On a musical scale, artistically, visually, we’re going to swing for the fences with this one. If we can pull it off, it would be really cool and… put a lot of people in their place. I’m really excited to get working on it.

Taylor expects to begin working on the new Stone Sour album straight after the Slipknot Australian tour.

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