This Stranger Things & Twin Peaks Mashup Is Almost Too Good

Netflix’s latest original hit 80s drama Stranger Things has inspired one of the greatest TV soundtracks of recent times, and now some genius has taken its theme song and mashed it up with the theme from Twin Peaks.

The two shows share some similar plot points; both are set in a small town, that’s been bequest with a mystery, an alternate dimension or nod to the supernatural.

Leeni from Seattle band Prom Queen, the creator of the mashup, spoke to welcometotwinpeaks about what made her decide to mashup the two themes. “I have always loved synths. So I fell in love with Stranger Things the first time I heard the theme song,” the singer, writer and producer said. “Laura’s Theme is my favorite thing to play on any synthesizer. It’s so beautiful,” she continued.

Stranger Things has developed a massive following both in the US and overseas during its first season. It’s kid stars have popped up all over the place recently, including a hilarious episode of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Listen: Prom Queen – ‘Stranger Peaks’

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