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A Snapchatter Proved The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Matches Up Perfectly With Everything

Wiz Khalifa and Luke Million have had their way with the Stranger Things theme but it turns out you put just about any song over the top of it and it will work out.

Some snapchatting genius placed the theme song beneath songs by Kanye West, Beyoncé, Drake, Desiigner and Kendrick Lamar and they all work. Heck, even a soundbite of Donald Trump speaking works.

Ok, the Desiigner Panda overlay isn’t perfect but for the most part they sound very, very good.

The whole time this is going on the guy snapchatting appropriately freaks out, realising that he’s just cracked some kind of code that means forever more, anyone who wants to make a good song will make it over the Stranger Things theme.

The Netflix show which debuted earlier this year has had immense success. It’s the third most watched show to debut on Netflix in the past year but it’s also sent the music world into a spin thanks to the S U R V I V E soundtrack.

That soundtrack is now available to buy and you’ll probably also hear it in every DJ’s set soon because What So Not’s already proved the theme song goes off.

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