(Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images
(Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

Sum 41’s Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksh Says He Is Now 100% Cancer-Free

In some very good news, Sum 41 guitarist Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksh has shared that he is 100% cancer-free.

Baksh revealed he had been suffering from a cancerous tumour but that he got it surgically removed before the disease spread any further.  Baksh shared the positive news via an Instagram post which you can see below.

The Sum 41 shredder explained that he first noticed a lump back in March at which time he immediately had it looked at.

“Within two weeks I went through surgery in order to get rid of a tumour that ended up being #cancer,” he explained, before adding, “Don’t be concerned, my brush with this serious disease was very short lived thanks to the help of great doctors, a friend that helped me get a bone scan within weeks of my surgery, my family (extended included), the amazing people at #LDK (up the Kzinti!) and last but not least the emotion, physical and celery juice support that @krennykren and my wonderfully amazing gifted, did I mention wonderful, kids gave me.”

Baksh also used the post to thank family, friends and fans for all of the love and support they’ve shown him throughout the ordeal.

“Something incredible that this disease taught me is how many amazing and supportive people I have in my life. I’m beyond thankful for you and I’m forever in your debt. So as of now I’m cancer free and ready to enjoy tour life again with a fresh perspective on everything.”

Australian fans will be hoping that Baksh good health continues so that he and his Sum 41 bandmates can finally make it here for that endlessly rescheduled tour with The Offspring.

The band’s most recent album Order In Decline was released in 2019.

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