Supafest Hit With A New Lawsuit Worth Almost $2 Million

Just when you think you’ve heard it all Supafest pops back up in the headlines and proves that it can almost always go from bad to worse, no matter how down things might seem. The dramas of the festival’s third instalment, Supafest 2012, have been heavily covered by Music Feeds and the music community at large.

There were problems with headliners not being paid their full rate, as was the case with Rick Ross and P.Diddy, or being used for promotion without being booked, as was the instance with Missy Elliot. Then when some fans understandably demanded their money back, Supafest promoters failed to meet the refund deadline back in May.

On top of this, the organisation responsible for royalty collection on behalf of artists, the PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia) took PaperChase Touring and Entertainment, who own 46% of Supafest, to court over unpaid fees amounting to over $13,200. As noted by Tonedeaf in May, this amount was chump change compared to the millions of dollars owed to various creditors such as Stadium Australia Operations and the property developers Wolanski Family.

Now in the latest Supafest news, Tonedeaf has once again reported that almost six months after the event took place, Supafest now faces yet another lawsuit, this time to the tune of almost $2 million from American Talent Agency.

Once again the lawsuit is aimed at PaperChase, with the American Talent Agency claiming they are owed $1.92 million US after PaperChase booked Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, P. Diddy and Missy Elliott for Supafest 2012.

The American Talent Agency filed the lawsuit through the New York Supreme Court and are seeking to recoup lost commission fees of $30,000 US after Supafest dropped Missy Elliot from the lineup, which in doing so incurred a further $50,000 US cancellation fee. Despite pulling out of their commitment to Elliot, Supafest still promoted the festival behind her appearance. The same drama occurred with P.Diddy after PaperChase only paid $200,000 of a reportedly promised $1.6 million fee. In the case of T-Pain, the R&B performer broke off his business relationship with American Talent Agency due to PaperChase not paying the solo entertainer his full rate.

All in all the American Talent Agency are suing PaperChase for $1.92 million US for unjust enrichment, contract interference, breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.

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