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Superorganism Tap Stephen Malkmus For New Single, ‘Into The Sun’

Indie collective Superorganism have unveiled another single from their forthcoming second album, World Wide Pop. The multi-national collective recruited former Pavement front person Stephen Malkmus, French artist Pi Ja Ma, Japanese actor and musician Gen Hoshino, and producer Axel Concato for the new single, ‘Into The Sun’.

The track comes paired with an AEVA-directed music video, which combines 2D and 3D animation. The clip leans into the song’s lyrics, which refer to “being a fruit fly, watching the world go by, whilst nature and time flow by around you,” as the group explained in a statement.

Superorganism – ‘Into The Sun’

‘Into The Sun’ seems custom-made to evoke stylistic comparisons to turn-of-the-century alt-pop. The track combines the eclectic musicianship of Superorganism with the respective talents of its guests. ‘Into The Sun’ follows previous singles ‘Teenager’, ‘It’s Raining’, ‘’, and ‘On & On’, all of which will feature on World Wide Pop when it arrives in July.

‘Into the Sun’ is the second track on the new record to feature a contribution from Malkmus and Pi Ja Ma; Malkmus also appears on ‘It’s Raining’ with Dylan Cartlidge, while Pi Ja Ma features on ‘Teenager’ with CHAI.

“The whole record is all about combining different worlds and scales, so it was a real thrill to be able to mix Gen into a track with Malkmus and Pi Ja Ma,” explained Superorganism guitarist Harry.

“It’s a carefree song, somewhat about being in your own bubble, so bringing those French, American, and Japanese artists into that world reconnects the SuperO universe with these other bubbles — a bit of a multiverse!”

World Wide Pop is set for release on Friday, 15th July.

Superorganism – World Wide Pop

  1. Black Hole Baby
  2. World Wide Pop
  3. On & On
  4. Teenager (feat. CHAI & Pi Ja Ma)
  5. It’s Raining (feat. Stephen Malkmus & Dylan Cartlidge)
  6. Flying
  7. Solar System (feat. CHAI & Boa Constrictors
  8. Into The Sun (feat. Gen Hoshino, Stephen Malkmus & Pi Ja Ma)
  9. Put Down Your Phone
  11. Oh Come On
  12. Don’t Let The Colony Collapse
  13. Everything Falls Apart

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