Sydney Band Little Sea Announce “World First” Virtual Concert

Sydney pop-rockers Little Sea have announced a “world first” all-digital virtual concert where they’ll use the internet (and only the internet) to show off tunes from their forthcoming EP On Loop.

Little Sea are teaming up with Twitter and a bunch of digital agencies for their ‘Little Sea Virtual’ live stream, which is set to take place live from Twitter HQ on Saturday, 17th September.

‘Little Sea Virtual’ is said to be a “unique” concert event, and the world’s first fully digital gig. It’s unclear exactly what that means or if there are any 360-degree or virtual reality elements involved, but it appears the band will at least be streaming a performance to an online-only audience, and, in their words, it will all be “live in technicolour vision”.

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Virtual concerts have been around for a while, but largely in the style of K-pop’s V-concerts, which feature holograms and projections of the artists involved as if they were really performing. There are also a number of virtual reality concert apps which allow punters to watch 360-degree video of live shows featuring real audiences, but Little Sea’s ‘Little Sea Virtual’ event seems like it will be more of a live-streamed online-only concert than an exercise in virtual reality.

In keeping with the digital theme, Little Sea will also take part in some one-on-one Google Hangouts with fans after the show, with a limited number of tickets for those chats on sale now at the band’s website.

Little Sea have already shared the song Cut It Out, which features on the On Loop EP. Stream the track below, alongside the band’s ‘Little Sea Virtual’ announcement.

Listen: Little Sea – ‘Cut It Out’

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