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Sydney Has It’s Own ‘Purple Rain’ Prince Mural

New-Zealand born street artist Grahame Hoete (who goes by the name Mr G.) has created an incredible tribute to Prince based on his song Purple Rain.

Hotete, who now lives in Sydney – has painted a wall at 1 Speed Street, Liverpool in Sydney’s West – depicting the iconic singer with his eyes closed, in front of a two-shaded purple background, and fittingly he is surrounded by falling rain. It is a modest but complimentary representation of the singer, from an artist who is best known for his artwork of dogs.

Mr G posted a sketch of Prince to his Facebook page yesterday evening, hinting at a project involving Prince but with little detail to go with it.

“RIP PRINCE! “Purple Rain”. Tribute to one of my fav artists, a creative genius & all time legend who was a major influence throughout my childhood & many memories.. painted at Street Uni Liverpool, Sydney Australia,” Mr G said in a Facebook post. “Big thanks to Delise and team for the wall! FEEL FREE TO SHARE to celebrate his life & work much luv. Mr G”

Now the Australian-based street artist has given Sydney the tribute that it didn’t know it needed, but it assuredly did.

This weekend also saw tributes from a various musicians at Coachella, touching acknowledgement from comedians and NASA, and also witnessed a number of international landmarks turn purple in honour of Prince.

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