The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Will Feature Megan Washington, Katie Noonan & Kate Miller-Heidke In 2017

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra today announced its 2017 season at the Sydney Opera House, adding to the increasing trend of popular contemporary artists being featured alongside orchestral groups.

There’s already been massive hype this year over the upcoming collaborative concert featuring the SSO and Flight Facilities, and this today Missy Higgins announced that she’d be playing a series of shows with symphony orchestras around the country.

As part of the increasingly popular Kaleidoscope series of concerts, the SSO will feature indie singer and instrumentalist Megan Washington and classically trained singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke in respective concerts. There will also be a special performance featuring Katie Noonan with her trio called Elixer, back once again in collaboration with celebrated artist Michael Leunig.

Washington’s feature show will take place on Friday, 22nd and Saturday, 23rd September at the Sydney Opera house, with the remaining Kaleidoscope show dates yet to be announced. Tickets and further details from the SSO website.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 Season

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