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Sydney’s With Confidence Call Out “Dickhead” Who “Sucker-Punched” Fan In Glasgow Mosh Pit

If you’re reading this, then we’ll assume you’ve heard of Sydney pop-punk shooting stars With Confidence, who are abso-fkn-lutely killing it OS despite hardly being known to anyone outside of ~the scene~ here in Aus.

Anyway, if you didn’t already love the 2016 US Warped Tour alum enough, then here’s another reason: they’re taking a zero tolerance approach to violent BS at their shows, and laying down the law to any prospective “dickheads” looking to start shit, even in one of the most notoriously rough cities in the western world.

Following an incident during the Glasgow stop on their unfolding UK/EU Better Weather album tour, With Con vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley tweeted: To the dickhead who sucker punched someone in the mosh yesterday – that shit does not fly at a With Confidence show and is not ok with us.

“Our shows are a safe place and if we see that again security will swiftly move you out into the cold where you belong.”

One of the Hopeless Records act’s fans has also tweeted a video of Seeley calling out said dickhead live on stage.

“We are here to be supportive of each other, and that’s fucking it,” the frontman tells the crowd in the clip.


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