Sydney’s Kings Cross Coke Sign Is Being Auctioned On Ebay Right Now

UPDATE: The Coke sign has now been drawn, quartered and sold to various buyers for a cool $100,000. Word is, it was the third ‘C’ that brought in most of the cheese, going for 18,700.

he infamous Coca-Cola sign in Sydney’s Kings Cross has been dismantled and is currently selling, letter by letter, on Ebay.

The sign, built and installed in 1974 has been an iconic part of Sydney’s nightlife for many, having been perched high over the cross roads of William St and Darlinghurst road ever since. It lit up the beginning of Sydney’s infamous, and once thriving, Kings Cross – and images of the sign surrounded by empty streets have become symbolic of the impact of Sydney’s lockout laws.

Now, over 40 years later, the sign has been dismantled and the it’s ginormous letters are currently being auctioned on Ebay. Prices are currently ranging from $1000 to $2700, and bidding will end in 4 days time. So, if you’ve been trying to find the perfect 6m high, 65kg trinket to fill that glaring space on your wall, this is your lucky day.

All proceeds go to the Wayside Chapel charity in Kings Cross which has provided support for people living on its streets since 1964.

You can made your bid right here.

Watch: Kings Cross Coca-Cola Sign Timelapse

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