Sydney’s World Bar To Reopen As Cali Club

It’s only been a few weeks since Sydney’s lockout laws claimed another victim in the city’s iconic World Bar, but it turns out not all hope is lost as the institution will reopen as ‘Cali Club’.

What’s more is that the two new owners, Dane Gorrell & Matt Weir, have an affinity and love for Sydney’s historic nightlife scene and remain dedicated to preserving it as best they can.

“We need to preserve our nightclub institutions. They have a tremendous impact on Sydney’s culture,

and once they go, it’s incredibly hard for them to return”, said Gorrel in a statement. “We really want to help keep the candle burning for our city’s night life and continue the venue’s legacy.”

“Night clubs provide a space for artists and DJs to cut their teeth and connect with people through their music,” said Weir.

“Going out and listening to music is part of growing up, it helps shape identities and build communities. We want to play a positive role in that part of people’s lives”.

‘Cali Club’ will re-open next week, and will also welcome the return of ‘The Wall’ club night which will happen every Wednesday.

“World Bar means a tremendous deal to a lot of people, so we like to think of Cali Club as just the next

chapter in the venue’s colourful history.”

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