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Promoters Cancel Australian Tour for Norwegian Black Metal Band and Alleged Neo-Nazis Taake

Australian promoters have cancelled a tour by Norwegian black metal band Taake after public pressure over the band’s alleged connections with neo-Nazism.

In a short statement released on Facebook a few days ago, promotion group Southern Extremities confirmed the tour was cancelled “for reasons beyond our control”. “Apologies to ticket holders/people keen to see these 2 acts, you’ll receive an update and full refund from your ticketing company,” they wrote.

Venues in Syd, Adelaide dropped Taake due to public pressure

The full tour was cancelled following the band being dropped from two venues, Sydney’s Manning Bar – reportedly due to pressure from students – and Adelaide’s Enigma Bar.

The band, from Bergen on Norway’s west coast, has been dogged by neo-Nazi allegations for a number of years, due to a number of questionable incidents. In 2007, lead singer Hoest performed with a swastika emblazoned on his chest. The backlash over the incident years later saw them call off their 2018 US tour.

It wasn’t an isolated event. In 2013, as per Pitchfork, Hoest wore an iron cross necklace while performing in a shirt that showed an anti-Islamic symbol. The band have repeatedly denied the allegations.

“We have explained on many, many occasions, the history behind what caused the problems… but just for the sake of clarity Taake is not now, has never been, and never will be a Nazi band,” they said in a statement in 2018. In their statement, they labelled the public outcry a “witch hunt”.

The Guardian also notes that Hoest has performed on a song called ‘Jew Killer’, with the band Meads of Asphodel, and has played as a guitarist on a track called ‘Sieg Heil Satan’ by Deathcult.

The band Taake were due to tour Australia with, Akhlys, has also been accused of far-right sympathies, with their frontman Kyle Spanswick allegedly posing for photos alongside people wearing Nazi paraphernalia.

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