Photos: Margaret Court Arena / Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Tash Sultana Slams Margaret Court During Sold-Out Gig At Her Arena

Tash Sultana has used her landmark gig at Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena to serve its namesake with a ball of shade.

Name-checking tennis champ Margaret Court — who sparked outrage with her homophobic comments earlier this year — 22-year-old Sultana told her record-breaking sellout crowd that there were a few ground rules for Thursday night’s proceedings.

“The music doesn’t stop for Margaret Court, that’s for sure,” Sultana can be heard telling the (very lit) pit in footage of her concert intro, which has since been posted to Instagram (below).

“Which is really funny because I don’t really have too much of an opinion of someone until I think they’re a dickhead.

“But, mate, get up with the times, fuck… Because there’s seven-and-a-half thousand people in here tonight, and I don’t think she stopped any of this from happening, hey?

“…I’ve got a few rules,” she continues, before reportedly adding that anyone who’s racist, homophobic or transphobic can “get the fuck out of my gig”.

Grand slam, Tash.

Catch footage of the whole thing below.

Sultana is the latest in a long list of artists to criticise Court during shows at her arena, after the likes of Placebo, Sigur Rós and LCD Soundsystem also criticised her comments earlier this year.

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