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Psychedelic Spiritualists TENGGER 天郷 텐거 to Play First Australian Shows This Week

Seoul-based mother, father and child combo TENGGER 天郷 텐거 will touch down in Australia this week for shows in Sydney and Melbourne. The trio’s first Australian tour is happening in the lead-up to their thirteenth album, which is out on Friday, 29th September. South Korean musician Itta and Japanese musician Marqido formed the band, which was originally called 10. The couple’s son, Raai, was born in 2012 and the band’s name changed to TENGGER, which means “unlimited expanse of sky” in Mongolian.

TENGGER will be at Naarm’s John Curtin Hotel on Friday, 22nd September with support from local dub minimalist YL Hooi and DJ Noise In My Head (aka Michael Kucyk of Efficient Space). TENGGER will perform at the Art Gallery of NSW on Sunday, 24th September, as part of the inaugural Volume festival. The Sunday lineup also includes Kim Moyes, Megan Alice Clune, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Dena Springer and Alvin Ruiyuan Zhong.


TENGGER specialise in elemental psychedelic music that’s informed by new age spirituality and drone-based music. The band’s minimal arrangements typically centre on Indian harmonium, synths, electronics and Itta’s vocals.

Two singles from the new album have been released to date. The first, ‘PANAPTU’, gets its name from the words “pana,” which means the shadow of the soul, and “ptu,” which means bowl to hold the shadow. “The relationship between the PANA and PTU is like that between a lamp or starlight and a mirror,” the band said in a statement.

The latest single is ‘EUNHASU’, the title of which means Milky Way in Korean. “We humans who live now face the Milky Way only when we get out of the bright city where it is difficult to follow the stars with our eyes even at night,” the band said in a statement. “But we can see the distant time records of the light of the beings of the universe who have been living with us, who have been living for an innumerable long time. Faced with it, we expressed the world we accepted.”

TENGGER 天郷 텐거 2023 Australian Tour

  • Friday, 22nd September – The Curtin, Melbourne VIC (w/ YL Hooi & DJ Noise in My Head)
  • Sunday, 24th September – AGNSW North Building, Sydney NSW (Volume Festival)

Tickets for Melbourne here and Sydney here

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