The Beards Australian Tour November/December 2012

Those jokesters and purveyors of the most impressive form of facial hair The Beards have announced their comprehensive 29-date national tour, which kicks off later this year in November. The hairy four-piece from SA released their third studio record earlier this year, the well-titled Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard.

The record spawned the hilarious single You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man, while the band more recently mocked the proposed policy to ban beards in the Victorian Police Force.

As for the upcoming national tour’s title The 2012 End of The World (For Beardless People), The Beards tell, on their tour page, of an ancient prophecy as read below:

By now, everyone has heard about the various ancient prophecies predicting some sort of apocalypse at the end of this year. There’s the Mayan prophesies, the Incan and Egyptian prophesies, the prophesies of Nostradamus, as well as a host of prophesies from the people on the Internet. Every single one of these prophesies, if misinterpreted correctly, forecasts that this year could mark the end of the world as we know it. But there’s one prophecy that’s still relatively obscure, and it predicts that on December 21st, 2012, the world will end – for people without beards.

This age-old foretelling has prompted the world’s most beard-related theme band to spring into action. From September 28th, The Beards will embark upon their biggest Australian tour to date, in an attempt to convince as many cleanchins as possible to repent before it’s too late.

The Beards – The 2012 End of The World (For Beardless People) Tour – Dates:

Tickets on sale August 8th

28/9/2012 – Beach Hotel, Byron Bay + Starboard Cannons.

29/9/2012 – Caloundra Music Festival, Caloundra.

30/9/2012 – Caloundra Music Festival, Caloundra.

4/10/2012 – The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

5/10/2012 – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

6/10/2012 – The HiFi, Brisbane + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

10/10/2012 – The Club, Bundaberg + StormChasers & Kim Churchill.

11/10/2012 – Great Western Hotel, Rockhampton + StormChasers & Kim Churchill.

12/10/2012 – Magnums, Airlie Beach + StormChasers & Kim Churchill.

13/10/2012 – JCU Unibar, Townsville + StormChasers & Kim Churchill.

14/10/2012 – The Jack, Cairns + StormChasers & Kim Churchill.

24/10/2012 – Bar On The Hill, Newcastle + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

25/10/2012 – Wollongong UniBar, Wollongong + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

26/10/2012 – Baroque Bar, Katoomba + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

27/10/2012 – Beachcomber Hotel, Central Coast + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

1/11/2012 – ANU, Canberra + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

2/11/2012 – The Metro, Sydney + The Snowdroppers & Kim Churchill.

3/11/2012 – The HiFi, Melbourne + The Peep Tempel & Guthrie.

15/11/2012 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury + The Snowdroppers & Gay Paris.

16/11/2012 – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River + The Snowdroppers

17/11/2012 – Rosemount Hotel, Perth + The Snowdroppers & Gay Paris.

18/11/2012 – Indie Bar, Scarborough Beach + The Snowdroppers & Gay Paris.

22/11/2012- Karova Lounge, Ballarat + The Snowdroppers

23/11/2012 – Queenscliff Festival.

24/11/2012 – Queenscliff Festival.

29/11/2012 – Royal Oak, Launceston + Guthrie

30/11/2012 – Republic Bar, Hobart. + Guthrie

1/12/2012 – Jive, Adelaide.

2/12/2012 – Jive, Adelaide.

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