The Bennies Photobong Their Way To International Fame

Budding Melbourne ska punkers The Bennies are currently on tour in the US and it looks like they’ve just increased their international profile by a magnitude of 420, hitting Reddit’s front page overnight with their unique take on the photobombing phenomenon.

The pic of The Bennies (below) has now amassed over 4000 votes on the social media site. The Victorian four-piece, unidentified in the original upload, are chilling in the LA sun, sipping on some suds, but at first glance it appears as though guitarist Jules is missing from the shot.

He’s not. He’s just there on the right, teaching you how to photobong.

International Redditors, still unfamiliar with The Bennies, couldn’t get enough of the pic but struggled to identify the band, wildly swinging between first glance efforts (“I thought this was an early years Nirvana pic”) and hitting closer-to-the-mark (“once I saw the long hair and bong I thought it was dune rats”).

Thankfully, it looks like the band’s antics are also calling attention to their music. “Discovering this band was the best thing to happen today,” says one user. Says another, “Awesome, some music to get me through my uni work today. Or, more likely, some music for me to get smashed listening to this afternoon.” That’s a win-win, right?

In the end, it was The Bennies themselves who owned up to their exploits, posting the Reddit thread to their Facebook, obviously still riding high. The guys checked in from the States and told Music Feeds this isn’t their first effort at getting the photobong off the ground, but it’s definitely their most successful.

“The first photobong we did happened in Canberra about two weeks ago. [Now] we’re in LA and we’re staying with some mates who play in Guttermouth, FuckFace Unstoppable and The Darlings. Been pounding beers over here! There’s also been plenty of bongs around the place, so it just kinda happened again.”

We love it when these things “just kind of happen”. It ain’t stopping there either, with the guys hoping to photobong their way across the States. “We wanna try and get it happening now… We’ve still got the rest of the month in the States before we come back home to support NoFX, so gonna have heaps more coming!”

Now that we have a catchy name for the manoeuvre and a proven track record of popularity, you can probably expect to see a few more people get in on the covert cone action. Perhaps Violent Soho can up the ante with a sneaky gumboot photobong?

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.58.21 am

Image via Reddit

Photos: Dead Kennedys, The Bennies, Fait Accompli – Sydney, The Hi-Fi 05/10/14

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