Photo: Alex Baxley

When FIDLAR Say No To Selfies, They Mean It

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than being stuck behind people at a gig when you’re trying to watch the show, and there’s an annoying phone stuck up in front of you. For the bands too,it has to get distracting sometimes to look out and see a sea of phone cameras making up the crowd.

One music fan took things one step further at a FIDLAR gig, and found out first hand what happens when you’re living more in your phone, not in the moment.

Over the weekend, FIDLAR were performing one of their usual raucous shows out in Cali, when an ambitious fan worked her way on to the stage, and tried to snap a selfie with frontman Zac Carper – mid-performance.

As you can see, he wasn’t feeling it and to be honest, fair enough.

The swat-away’s since gone viral on Reddit, with Carper jumping into the thread and explaining the situation.

“This kind of stuff happens to us all the time.” he posted. We encourage stage diving and moshing and all that good stuff. BUT this is where I draw the line. No selfies WHILE I’m performing. Sorry brah. A big ole nope to that.”

“I kindly pushed her out of the way the first time to let her know I am not down, so my instinctive reaction was to get that phone out of my face.”

Check out the thread here – it seems like there was no phone damage but the incident serves as a reminder that the stage is for the performers, not for a photo opp.

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