The Blue Wiggle Is Now Trolling Donald Trump Over His Rally Attendance Fail

US President Donald Trump has become a global laughing stock after boasting of a one million-strong attendance expected at his latest re-election rally in Oklahoma, only to have a mere six thousand people rock up.

ICYMI: K-pop stans may or may not have been responsible for the amusing sabotage, fuelling further punchlines.

And now, even beloved Aussie children’s outfit The Wiggles are having a playful dig at the human Cheeto’s expense.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field couldn’t help but join the fun, after Twitter joyously pointed out that his band of rainbow sweater-wearing Aussies sold out the very same 19,000-strong Tulsa arena that was left gapingly 2/3rds arseless during President Trump’s rally.

“To be fair, we had a better light show,” Field quipped on Twitter, retweeting a comparative snap of The Wiggles’ crowd vs. Trump’s.

He then added: “First time in Wiggle History we have trended in Politics! Free Fruit Salad for everyone is our message!”

Think Trump’s going to need some ice for that hot potato BURN.

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