The D.O.T. (Mike Skinner – The Streets) Shoots First Interactive Live Video

Mike Skinner (formerly of The Streets) and Rob Harvey (The Music) have joined together under their new name the D.O.T., to record what is claimed to be the first ever live interactive music video. Rapper and producer Ghostpoet, who collaborated with the duo, also appears in the clip.

The collaboration for their track Trouble, is for the third RizLab project, which encourages artists to push creative boundaries.

Their big and unique idea was to perform the video live in one-take, simultaneously allowing watching fans to dictate the action via a series of multiple-choice options.

Among the choices are a group of cheerleaders, Stonehenge inspired dress (And a nod to Spinal Tap), Bad Disco and, of course, a ripped boyband.

Watch the video:

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