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Dan Andrews ‘Get On The Beers’ Remix Looks Set To Crack The Top 20 In The Hottest 100

Mashd N Kutcher’s remix of Dan Andrew’s telling Victorian’s to “Get On The Beers” could actually crack the Hottest 100 of 2020’s top 20.

The Hottest 100 predictions site 100 Warm Tunas, reckon that ‘Get On The Beers’ is set to land at a very tidy #16.

An iconic moment of 2020, Andrews’ “Get On The Beers” speech pretty much broke the internet when it dropped, with Mashd N Kutcher’s remix giving the most meme-able moment of the year the banger treatment it deserved. Fittingly Aussies absolutely froth it.

Having hit #2 on iTunes, racked up 1.2 million plays on Spotify and inspired not one, but TWO separate epic Christmas light displays, ‘Get On The Beers’ is the most 2020 hit of 2020. In that sense, it’s hard to think of a better way to commemorate 2020 than with a top-shelf placement for the most 2020 song of all.

With 100 Warm Tuna’s predictions based on compiling voter screenshots, even a cursory look at Mashd N Kutcher’s Insta Story reveals there’s some serious LOVE for ‘Get On The Beers’ out there. There was also a trend on Twitter encouraging people to make this dream, of a top 20 finish a reality.

After the year Dandrews and Victorian’s have had, it’s the least we could do for them. So fingers crossed that Australia has done just that.

With Hottest 100 voting closed, all we can do now is chuck a ton of tinnies in the sink and keep on replenishing the ice, until Hottest 100 day hits and we can all “get on the beers” to ‘Get On The Beers’, together.

In the meantime, get some practice in by imbibing some frothy goodness to Mashd N Kutcher’s ‘Get On The Beers’ below.

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