The Dead Daisies Release Interactive Short Film For Lock ‘N’ Load Featuring Slash

The Dead Daisies have released an interactive short film that puts the life of the protagonist in the palm of your hand. Whether or not this young warrior lives or dies is up to your discretion, with the most popular decision being selected for the official Lock ‘N’ Load music video.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world seemingly void of adults – think Lord Of The Flies with BMXs – the short film follows the adventures of a pack of youthful survivors who stumble into the wrong part of the woods. With his companions seemingly down for the count, our hero is left standing, awaiting your verdict and hoping it’s in his favour.

You won’t just be playing God for the short film – the most popular adventure chosen will be used for the broadcast version of the music video, so time will tell if the people want this kid dead or not. I swear I’m not an evil person, I just wanted to see what would happen if I clicked “let him die”.

The song also features the shredtacular stylings of Slash. What more reason do you need to check this out?

His fate is in your hands – choose wisely.

Watch: The Dead Daisies – Lock ‘N’ Load (Interactive Version)

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