The Kid LAROI & Katarina Deme | Credit: Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic

The Kid LAROI Releases Goofy Video for ‘I GUESS IT’S LOVE?’

The Kid LAROI has dropped the video for his track ‘I GUESS IT’S LOVE?’, featuring paparazzi run-ins, plentiful plastic surgery, fat suits, terrible goatees, drunken TikTok videos, and some impressive facial ageing makeup.

The vid stars LAROI – real name Charlton Howard – and his girlfriend Katarina Deme. At the start, it seems like a fairly stock-standard and cringey Hollywood love story, with shots of Deme and LAROI rolling around under blankets and in saunas. The tone shifts about halfway through, as LAROI and Deme’s relationship descends into every ageing rock star relationship cliché – complete with the oversharing of every intimate moment.

The Kid Laroi: ‘I GUESS IT’S LOVE’

‘I GUESS IT’S LOVE?’ is set to appear on The Kid LAROI’s upcoming debut album, The First Time. We’ve already heard a few tracks from it, including ‘Kids Are Growing Up’ and ‘Love Again’.

“I’ve been making [the album] over the past two years,” LAROI told Billboard recently about the album. “Not two years of every day working towards this album, but two years in between other stuff. Making little ideas, and the stuff that I started with at the beginning that I’m going to see through to the end with this [album]. And then the stuff that I made three days ago that I feel needs to be on the fucking thing. So, it’s just been a slow process.”

In the same interview, The Kid Laroi said he’d moved away from the messaging of his last mixtape, F*CK LOVE, saying it was “immature”.

“I kind of don’t like that project, man,” he said. “To be honest, I don’t really agree with a lot of the stuff on there anymore. I mean, I don’t agree with the message of the album in general. I think it was an immature statement to make. I think it was like a heat of the moment statement.”

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