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‘The Simpsons’ Are Sick Of Pharrell’s Ceaseless Positivity

Written by Tom Williams on February 10, 2015

Pharrell Williams has been officially banished to Shelbyville after performing an abbreviated version of his hit song Happy for the folks of Springfield.

Before taking to the stage to perform Happy at the 2015 Grammy Awards yesterday, Pharrell’s short, skinny and large-hatted likeness appeared on The Simpsons‘ episode “Walking Big & Tall”, which aired in the US on 8th February.

In the episode, Lisa writes a new Springfield anthem after Moe finds the old one was plagiarized from Tuscany, and is used in other cities. Lisa asks Bart to help out, and Pharrell offers his assistance as well, but as the AV Club note, Mayor Quimby rejects Pharrell’s offer to write the new anthem, saying, “I’m sorry, everyone, but an eight-year-old girl got there first.”

Check out a short clip of Pharrell’s banishment below.

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