The Smith Street Band Hit Back At “Idiot” Who Criticised Their Stance On Asylum Seekers

Melbourne rockers The Smith Street Band have hit back at a punter who criticised their stance on asylum seekers in an email sent following the band’s performance at St Kilda Festival over the weekend.

Taking to Twitter today, The Smith Street Band have shared screenshots of an email they’re calling “a multi page manifesto by Dean the fuckwit”, which criticises the band for allegedly telling their St Kilda Festival audience that seeking asylum shouldn’t be made illegal.

Here’s the section of the email the band have shared online:

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the smith street band dean 11

In response, The Smith Street Band replied to Dean, and shared a screenshot of their email for all to see:

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the smith street band dean 22

Fielding responses to their tweets, The Smith Street Band poked fun at people who think radio bands can’t be political, and dropped a hint at the possible title of a song they’re working on…

The Smith Street Band are currently teasing something big for this Valentine’s Day (which is tomorrow!), and it looks like it could be a new album called Birthdays.

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