The Wall: Nacho Brothers (Fools Gold) To Headline Next Week at World Bar

Title says it all. Nacho Brothers to Headline next week at The Wall (Wednesday 29th April 2009)

DJ/producers Andrew Ross and Scott Seewhale came together thanks to a shared obsession with early Chicago and Detroit classics, but do not get it twisted – Nacho Lovers is no tribute act. The duo tore down Jack’s House only to rebuild it brick by brick as a cramped Toronto apartment with way too many records. They spent the past year locked inside, cooking up original tracks that meld vintage acid synths with the propulsive thump of modern techno and house, all brought to life with an untamed, underage house party energy. These whiz kids know their history, but Nacho Lovers is the sound of underground dance music right now.

In just a few short months, Nacho Lovers have already caught the ears of Toronto’s Eye Weekly (“While many of their peers are pumping out cookie-cutter nu-rave and blog-house tracks that rely on epic builds, screeching sirens and heaps of distortion, Ross and Seewhale are developing a stronger sense of songwriting and melody”) while their clever re-edits get love from the likes of Claude Von Stroke (who has been spinning the Nacho Lovers’ flip of Style Of Eye’s “The Big Kazoo”), MSTRKRFT, Brodinski, Sinden, Diplo, Eli Escobar, Jokers Of The Scene, and other like-minded selectors. Eli and JOTS even jumped on board to remix Nacho Lovers’ debut, “Acid Life” / “Go On” (out now on Fool’s Gold), adding extra firepower to a single that was already a forward-thinking dancefloor sureshot.

Check for more from Nacho Lovers very soon, including an exclusive mix for the inaugural Fool’s Gold podcast, and an uncontrollable desire to jack your body.

The Line Up

Nacho Lovers  – Fools Gold

Sleater Brockman


Disco Punks

16 Tacos

Nic Yorke

Frankie Teardrop

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