Thelma Plum Hands It To Alan Jones And Sunrise Over “Racist” Segment

Indigenous singer and songwriter Thelma Plum has taken to Facebook to slam Alan Jones for comments he made on Channel 7’s Sunrise.

Yesterday, Sunrise aired a segment, based off a Daily Telegraph beat-up story, debating whether it or not it was appropriate for universities to be teaching students that Australia was not “settled” but was in fact “invaded, occupied and colonised” as well as the fact that rather than “discovering” Australia, Captain Cook was “the first Englishman to map the east coast of ‘New Holland’”.

In a perplexing move to debate the story, Sunrise gathered together three non-Indigenous Australians for the discussion including shock jock Alan Jones.

“Yo Alan, I think you’re a count and I challenge you to a duel,” Plum wrote on her Facebook following the segment.

During his appearance on the show, Jones said he doesn’t find saying “discovered” offensive to Indigenous Australians and added that, “many of the academic environments in this country are being taken over by the left”.

“When Cook discovered Australia, what that means is that he discovered ways in which to turn this content in a way which would be beneficial and profitable to everybody,” he explained. SMH.

Aimed at Sunrise Plum wrote, “if you want to have an actual real discussion about racism, how about not getting three white people (Alan Jones being one of them) to weigh in and decide if it is or not.”

“I think you’re a bunch of racist cunts and you should 100% be ashamed of yourselves adding to the issue of thinking Aboriginal people don’t have a voice.”

Rita Panahi, another panelist, said that it’s “quite unhealthy” for us to rewrite Australian history as something we should be ashamed of.

Plum has been a strong voice recently on issues of race. She spoke out about a blackface incident recently calling the two men who wore it, “disgusting little boys who think it’s okay to paint their white bodies black and mock my people”.

Watch the Sunrise segment below.

Did Captain Cook discover Australia or invade it?Australian university students are being taught it’s offensive to say Captain Cook “discovered Australia”, and instead it should be referred to as “invaded” Australia. Thoughts?

Posted by Sunrise on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Yo Alan, I think you’re a count and I challenge you to a duel. *this post is in relation to a segment Sunrise had on…

Posted by Thelma Plum on Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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