There’s A Wu-Tang Clan Theme Park (Probably) Coming To South Korea

Perhaps you’ve listened to Wu-Tang Clan‘s 1993 opus 36 Chambers recently and thought to yourself “This is pretty good, but it would be better as a theme park.”

If that’s you, you’re in extremely specific luck.

In a Mass Live profile of Wu-Tang Management Vice President Jimmy Kang, it is revealed Kang is currently in negotiations for a Wu-Tang theme park in Seoul, South Korea.

In the feature, Kang shows development plans for the park on a laptop. Otherwise, details are relatively scant, with no further explanation of what the park’s attractions might include or a mention of a completion date.

If the plans come to fruition the group would likely be the first rap outfit to have an amusement park named after them.

Kang was hired to join Wu-Tang Management back in 2010 after meeting with members of the group.

“They came and asked me to come up to New York City,” Kang explains in the interview.  “I met up with RZA, Freedom, Devine, Mook and Krumbsnatcha. When they approached me, I thought it was unreal.”

Soon after, he was named VP.

It’s, of course, not the first non-music Wu-Tang entity the collective have put their name to. Earlier this year, the biopic series Wu-Tang: An American Saga was released through Hulu.

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