This Drake Search Engine Is The Only Search Engine You Need

It’s a universal problem really. Google is just inadequate at answering comprehensively the world’s most burning Drake-related questions. Thankfully now there’s a new search engine to fix that and Let Me Drake That For You is here to help.

It works as such. Type in a search term and ta-da, brings up all connections – photos, memes, links – to Drizzy himself. There are added Drake-related sound effects, and a super fun “I’m Feeling Drizzy” button for a whole other world of GIF goodness.

“#lmdraketfy is like Google, on fleek,” the description reads. “Search something, discover how it relates to Drake. Everything you never knew you needed in your life.”

The site was created by web developer, and fantastic human, Tyler Smith. He told Buzzfeed the project came about after an argument with his friends over whether or not Drake was a good rapper. Smith was squarely on team Drizzy.

“It was a great opportunity to troll my friends,” Tyler said. “I started Googling whatever topic we were talking about and seeing if it related to Drake. And it basically always did…So I decided to cut out the middle-man and make a Drake search engine.”

Go down the Drake rabbit hole, here

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