This Super-Intense ‘Drummers On Drugs’ Video Is Comedy Gold

Musicians have long been known to dabble in drugs for ‘inspiration’, but a US muso has taken it upon himself to (legally) show the world how drugs can effect the skills of a drummer, and the results are pretty spot on.

Jared Dines, an audio engineer and vocalist in the Washington band Dissimulator, has released a video called ‘Drummers On Drugs’ (below), in which he attempts to replicate the effects of the likes of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy on a drummer’s already struggling brain.

Cocaine, of course, is pretty darn erratic, while pot makes him eat pretzels while chilling and ecstasy causes him to gently stroke his cymbals and get his gaze caught on random shiny things.

Dines doesn’t just stop at those three drugs, though. He has a go at acting out some acid, something called Jeffrey, the psychotic values of bath salts and even the effects of steroids.

Dines doesn’t try his hand at replicating meth, though, probably because that’s somebody else’s game.

breaking bad you're goddamn right gif

Catch the full ‘Drummers On Drugs’ video below, and don’t get any crazy ideas, okay?

Watch: Drummers On Drugs

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