Thy Art Is Murder Confirm Shannon Noll Never Had A Chance Of Fronting The Band

Thy Art Is Murder have finally broken their silence on the subject of Shannon Noll, confirming that the OG Australian Idol runner-up would never be considered as a new frontman for the band, even if he was packing some hectic deathcore chops that none of us were previously aware of.

Cast your mind back to January 2016. Longtime Thy Art vocalist C.J. McMahon had just sensationally departed the Blacktown eardrum crushers, shattering fans’ hearts and leaving us all collectively questioning the future of the group.

Enter ‘Thy Noll Is Murder’, the demented brainchild of a punter who dared to dream about what it would be like if Nollsie stepped in to front Thy Art, creating a lol-tastic mashup (below) which took the internet by storm.

“I might have seen it, but I’ve kind of suppressed all of that out of my memory, because there were so many memes floating around at that point in time,” Thy Art guitarist Andy Marsh tells Music Feeds.

Then, when quizzed about whether he’d ever consider the Condobolin sheep-wrangler in the running should Thy Art ever find themselves short of a vocalist again, the axeman responded without hesitation.

“No! Not with all the bad press he’s had in the last year, it looks like he’s a bit of a penis. I don’t think I could stand having a guy with a soul patch in 2017 front the band. Can you imagine?”

Luckily, thanks to the magic of ‘Thy Noll Is Murder’ we don’t have to imagine. And even more luckily, since C.J. has returned to Thy Art with a new lease on life, the band are back and better than ever.

“The vibe’s great,” Marsh says. “I think it’s better than it’s ever been before.”

You can catch Thy Art Is Murder touring across Australia at the end of the month off the back of their forthcoming fourth album Dear Desolation, which is due out on Friday, 18th August.

Stay tuned for our full chat with Andy Marsh, coming soon.

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