Tim Rogers Slams “Cowardly” Abuse Of Adam Goodes In Passionate Interview

You Am I frontman Tim Rogers has described the abuse directed at retired AFL player and former Australian Of The Year Adam Goodes as “cowardly” in a passionate new interview.

Like Goodes, Rogers is a David Jones brand ambassador. Unlike Goodes, though, he hasn’t been hit with abuse both before and after appearing in the department store’s most recent line of advertisements.

Speaking with The Music, Rogers says that any AFL fan who booed Goodes during his career is “a fucking idiot”. He also says booing Goodes isn’t the same as booing other players.

“To continue to boo, or start it up in “deference” to political correctness… well, my little tiny opinion is that you’re a fucking idiot,” Rogers says.

“By participating in the derision of a player who has spoken about years of verbal abuse based on his culture… Well, I bloody well believe him,” Rogers says.

“I’ve had things shouted at me for years about my voice, my ponciness, my face, but nothing that digs up heritage, history, culture. So how the hell could I pass comment on what Adam’s derision made he and his family feel?

“When he said it cut deep, I believe him. And want to learn. And stay the frig away from social media because that shit is toxic.”

Rogers, who is a passionate AFL fan, says he has watched Goodes play since he first started out. “My only reticence to unlock a tirade of love to the man was that he played for Sydney and not North Melbourne,” he says.

According to Rogers, AFL fans who booed Goodes after he had publicly expressed he was being hurt by the abuse are “willfully stirring a pot with no recognition of the recipe”.

“The booing stuff? I’ve never booed anyone in my life… It’s dull, mindless, and ordinary,” he says.

“Again, as a middle class convict whose history is mercifully free of oppression, conflict, widespread massacre, abandonment and displacement, what the bloody hell would I know? So when Adam, or others of far higher intelligence and candour than me, declare a belief, I’m gonna listen, and think, and then keep listening.

“If I am a [David Jones] ambassador, I would take that badge off and stand beside Adam as a man, as a person. I am not fit to tie his bootlaces, but I have a recurring dream of having a kick-to-kick with him.

“At this particular time in this absurd life, the truth is I only said yes to doing the ad when they said Adam was in it. I knew then I was safe. He’s that kinda’ man.

“Comments on social media? Cowardly.”

Catch Rogers’ full interview over at The Music, and catch both the muso and Adam Goodes in their separate David Jones commercials, below.

Rogers’ comments come after fellow musician Briggs published a column in July titled “Adam Goodes Deserves Far Better Than This”, in which the rapper also tackles racism head on.

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