TISM Have Released A Surprise Live Album

In our hour of need, TISM have returned to entertain us with new — well old, but still new — content.

The onesie-loving Melbourne pub rock icons have reached into the archives to bring us a surprise live album, recorded over three decades ago in 1988 (a simpler time).

Dubbed Live At The Corner Hotel 30 May 1988, the record quietly appeared on TISM’s recently minted Spotify account on Good Friday.

It was recorded a few months before the release of the band’s beloved debut album, Great Truckin’ Songs Of The Renaissance, and features a stack of your fave tunes as well as some rarities.

As Tonedeaf points out, the album isn’t actually an official release by TISM, but the live recording has circulated online as a bootleg for more than a decade.

Give it a listen below and happy fkn Easter.

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