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TISM Release Three Retrospective Albums At Once

As the world waits in feverish anticipation for their historic live reunion at Australia’s Good Things Festival this December, Aussie alternative musical icons TISM have upped the ante by dropping not one, not two, but three retrospective albums – all at the same time.

The trio of LPs are stacked with a whole bunch of goodies including your favourite singles, previously unreleased material, secret messages and completely nonsensical packaging.

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First up, there’s the Collected Versus – The TISM Singles Collection, featuring 24 of the anonymous legends’ biggest hits packaged into either a 2LP coloured vinyl set or card wallet 2CD set.

Then, there’s the utterly ridiculous Defecate On My Face reissue. The three-track philosophical musical meditation on Adolph Hitler’s sex life was originally released as a 7” single sealed inside a 12” LP cover. This time however, it comes to you as an outrageously over-the-top box set featuring a 7” hot pink vinyl sealed inside an 8 panel LP cover (so you have to damage the cover to get the single out), as well as a hot pink LP packaged with a 7” cover, inside a plastic bag.

Not to mention, the LP has three grooves on one side so you don’t know which song you hear until you put the stylus onto the record. Plus, one of the three tracks has extra hidden recordings, and the flip side has a locked groove at the end featuring a delightful personal message from your mates in TISM.

This box set also comes with a bonus CD featuring precisely 10 different versions of ‘Defecate On My Face’.

Finally, the third album in the mix is a reissue of TISM’s debut LP Great Truckin Songs Of The Renaissance on both coloured vinyl and CD, with the CD featuring a bonus album packed with previously unreleased material.

You can get your filthy mits on all three retrospective offerings right now.

Back in June, TISM announced they would be reuniting for their first live performances in more than two decades as part of this year’s Good Things festival. They’ll play all three legs of the festival tour in December, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They’re an outlier of sorts on a bill that includes Bring Me the HorizonDeftonesThe Amity Affliction and Gojira.

You can peep the full lineup here.

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