TISM To Sell Two New Releases & Reissue Their Discography On Vinyl

Big news for TISM fans today, as the enigmatic and long-dormant band have today announced that they’ll be reissuing their entire discography on CD and vinyl. But, before then, the band will be giving fans two very special, brand new releases.

The first release, The TISM Omni-Album, will give fans an array of artwork, liner notes and other visual goodies that they can peruse while listening to their music on streaming services.

But, for whatever reason, the band’s deluxe edition of The TISM Omni-Album features vinyl that is…completely empty. Dead silence. Zip. Nada.

“This Deluxe Version of the TISM Omni-Album comes with an actual vinyl disc, filled with total silence, so as not to detract from the sound quality of the music,” the band said in a statement, via ABC.

“The TISM Ultra Deluxe Double Omni-Album – with its two completely silent vinyl discs – has been banned by the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs because, according to their spokesperson, ‘surely there’s no deadshit stupid enough to buy it’.”

In addition to the vinyl of nothing, the band are also set to release what they’re calling On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election, a 31-track recording across two LPs of the band’s final show in November 2004.

Both of these new releases drop on Friday, 4th December, with the rest of the reissues coming afterwards.

Head to the band’s newly-relaunched website for more information.

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