Tonight Alive Refuse To Go Quietly In New Music Video ‘Come Home’

Tonight Alive have dabbled in theatrics for their latest music video, synced to current single Come Home from the quintet’s latest album The Other Side. Manning their instruments, the band manage to run amok around a team of overworked and fed-up removalists caught in the middle of a messy break-up.

Without missing a beat, the band throw around the contents of boxes, rip up stuffing material, sit on furniture as its being hauled into the truck, causing an absolute mess in the process. After no doubt bribing the removalists, the band set up shop in the back of the truck where they continue to cause a ruckus. We think the culprit behind this all, vocalist Jenna McDougall‘s now ex fictional partner, the ominously titled ‘Brad‘, is going to be none too pleased.

The band kicked in the doors to the charts with their latest album, which has so far seen the Aussie exports busting skulls and taking names for the entire 12-odd tracks. The album was recently supported by a run of Australian headlining shows, and the band will soon be embarking on their maiden run of headlining US dates.

Give ’em hell, TA. You can check out Music Feeds’ latest interview with the band below the music video.

Watch: Tonight Alive – Come Home

Watch: Tonight Alive interview

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