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Tori Forsyth | Photo by Eliza Mullins/ via Supplied

Tori Forsyth Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘All We Are’

Australian singer-songwriter Tori Forsyth is all set to release her new video and single named ‘All We Are’ along with a music video. The single is a part of her album All We Have Is Who We Are, which will be released on Friday, 3rd May.

Tori Forsyth shared about her song via a statement. “All We Are’ cracks open the album in rollicking fashion, thrumming bass and drums lifting as Tori’s vocals soar up the register. As Tori says, it’s the track that sets the tone for the entire record. It’s about peeling the layers apart to understand that bad things don’t make you bad and good things don’t make you good. You just are. And it’s okay to accept all of the parts of yourself. And at the end of the day, that’s all we have to fall back on.”

Tori Forsyth – ‘All We Are’

The music video for ‘All We Are’ is directed by Bradley Murnane, she explains the whole video via a statement “The video for “all we are” was created with a blend of Tori’s strong visual demeanour balanced with a vulnerability in the form of her beautiful horse. Opening oneself to trust is difficult as it’s usually tainted by experiences but its world shifting and will take you places.”

She continued. “Throughout this record, Tori has opened her heart and bared the fruits of the lesson’s life teaches us. That eventually, we all return to ourselves and we are our own answer.”

You can stream the Tori Forsyth’s new single ‘‘All We Are’ here.

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