Transplants (Blink 182/Rancid) Confirm New Album Coming Soon

It would appear that Blink 182’s current status has inspired Travis Barker to rekindle other musical flames. Transplants is his hip hop/punk/rock side project formed with Rancid member Tim Armstrong.

The last time we heard from the punk supergroup was back in 2005, though it was their 2002 self-titled debut release that grabbed the most attention. The band soon started to lose the attention of the fans after officially entering not one, but two hiatus’.

The third Transplant album has been in the works since 2010. Barker himself confirmed that the songs were written. A matter of months later, there was still no final product. Barker tweeted ‘New Album Is Hard” but it became obvious no new material was going go come anytime soon.

Though today, we have had confirmation from Barker that the album is good to go and will be out soon. No official date has been set yet, though the news is sure to come soon. Blink 182 are looking to be hot favourites for next year’s Soundwave, If Barker conquers his fear of flying, could we expect to see Transplants also?


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