Triple J Drop A Bunch Of Hints Teasing Tomorrow’s Hottest 100 Results

National youth broadcaster triple j turned up the heat on the Hottest 100 of 2015 today, releasing a press release full of facts and figures to ratchet up the anticipation over who will take out the top spot. Is it just me or is this coming off a bit desperate, kinda like a friend who keeps sending out group messages to everyone the day of a party.

Update: Click here for triple J Hottest 100 2015 Live Updates & Winners

While the figures are a bit light on insight into who the winner might be (unlike our own Hottest 100 front-runners article), it does give us an interesting insight into how the chart is changing. And it seems that changed it has, with 2016 seeing the average BPM of songs entered at 123, a decidedly dancey tempo for a list that used to champion guitar music.

The release also informed us that 16,000 songs were voted for, and of the songs that made it into the Hottest 100 54% were by Australian artists. There are 26 artists making their debut in the chart this year as well.

The proudest fact put forward by the press release however was also the lowest stat, the station eager to make it clear there were zero successful troll campaigns this year and zero songs disqualified, (in my heart Justin Bieber will always be No. 1 anyway you taste fascists).

So if that isn’t enough to have you simmering in your juices ’till tomorrow I don’t know what is. If not though you can always have a look through our gallery of front runners here below.

Gallery: Triple J’s Hottest 100 Of 2015: The Front-Runners

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