Triple J Is Hawking Cooked ‘Festival Scented’ Candles For A Good Cause, Just In Time For Christmas

As part of their recent ‘Bright Side’ week festivities, triple j Drive hosts Hobba & Hing created a scented candle with a twist.

F́eštïvâle® by HØBBA & HIÑG is inspired by the delicate aroma of the Aussie music festival, described as “an elegant olfactory journey from opener to headliner”, transporting you to the sweaty, beer-sodden moshpit of your dreams with a single sniff.

The trailblazing candle concept blew up on the station’s textline, and now you can get one for yourself, for a very limited time only.

Maverick chandlers Hobba & Hing are hawking their odiferous waxen masterpieces online for one week only, with all profits going to music industry crisis support service, Support Act.

Now, if you want some more insight into what exactly the F́eštïvâle® scent smells like, we’re told the candle has top layers of trampled moshpit, hints of wet shoes and unwashed feet.

When burnt, the middle note of a beer some guy spilled down your back will slowly develop. Holding it all together is a puff of weed “nothing to see here officer”. Then, rounding it all out is the smell of cooked ham wafting on the breeze.

Spectacularly cooked shit.

Perfect for Christmas.

Pre-order yours now.

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