Triple J Unearthed’s Top 50 Most Played Artists Of 2013 Revealed

Triple J Unearthed have unveiled their Top 50 Most Played Artists of 2013. The list in fact features 52 artists as a result of a three-way tie for the #23 spot, and is dominated by indie and pop artists. Rainy Day Women, Wave Racer, and Major Leagues have taken out the top three spots.

“At triple j Unearthed we churn through a staggering amount of new music,” open Unearthed management on their website, “with the Unearthed digital radio station we’re also pumping out the love with 100% independent and unsigned Australian artists on air every minute of the day.”

Though management go on to say “the final wash-up offers a little bit of everything including sweet slackerism, urgent garage punk and more brashly confident rappers than ever,” the list features an overwhelming amount of bands whose profiles categorise them as indie (33 acts) and 22 pop acts.

The list is rounded out with 14 rock groups, six EDM or hip-hop artists, and five bands who classify themselves as punk rock, with seemingly no metal to speak of. 15 of the acts hail from Sydney, 14 from Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane each feature six, and five acts call Adelaide home.

The winner of J Award for ‘Unearthed Artist Of The Year,’ acclaimed Melbourne-based emcee Remi secured the number five spot for himself. Known for his cuts Sangria and Saggin’, this quickly rising hip-hop star is capping off a big year, recently announcing a 2014 headline tour.

See the full list, below.

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triple j Unearthed’s Top 50 Most Played Artists of 2013

50. Georgia Potter

49. L D R U

48. Ali Barter

47. Tigertown

46. Ainslie Wills

45. Fractures

44. Money For Rope

43. Paper Arms

42. Wolfwolf

41. The Creases

40. The Kite String Tangle

39. Tales In Space

38. Lunatics On Pogosticks

37. Battleships

36. Gunns

35. Sable

34. Dustin Tebbutt

33. Ausmuteants

32. Tully On Tully

31. Sticky Fingers

30. Shining Bird

29. Simone & Girlfunkle

28. Bloods

27. Yahtzel

26. Vegas Aces

25. Sons Of Rico

24. Tkay Maidza

EQUAL 23. Palms

EQUAL 23. Meg Mac

EQUAL 23. Deja

22. Horror My Friend

21. Hot Spoke

20. Bus Vipers

19. The Ocean Party

18. Braves

17. Swimming

16. The Delta Riggs

15. Gooch Palms

14. Born Lion

13. Wintercoats

12. Cosmo’s Midnight

11. Gang Of Youths

10. Rainbow Chan

9. Jackie Onassis

8. Mining Boom

7. Safia

6. Bad Dreems

5. Remi

4. Baptism Of Uzi

3. Major Leagues

2. Wave Racer

1. Rainy Day Women

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