Trolls Are Having All Sorts Of Fun With The Triple J Hottest 100 Wikipedia Page

Some pure blooded comedy geniuses out there have used the power of Wikipedia editing to wage an all out troll-blitzkrieg on the triple j Hottest 100 Wikipedia page.

Update: Click here for triple J Hottest 100 2015 Live Updates & Winners

At the time of writing the likes of Tony Abbott, Shannon Noll, Darude and Justin Bieber having all been listed as the winner. God bless the internet.

The acts of cyber vandalism were not under taken together however, with the first edit seeing Darude’s (eternal and iconic) hit Sandstorm listed in all 100 entries,the highlights section listing that: “The 2015 countdown featured 100 Finnish entries, breaking the previous record by an astonishing value.”

However as history has shown all great people will inspire imitators, with an online champion of Australia’s musical everyman Shannon Noll stepping up the example, and entering a playfully misspelt tweak on Nollsey’s hit What About mE (eccies lol) as number one.

Image taken from Wikipedia

Things then proceeded to get right out of control with Tony Abbott taking over the top spot with the bizarrely titled Like Millionaire Hot Memes on Facebook, while Bieber was written up as the first ever Canadian to take out the top spot in the highlights section.Image taken from Wikipedia

A mark of the truly revolutionary times we live in, the heroes of this piece will forever go un-named like so many foot soldiers of progress. Lest we forget.

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