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Turns Out David Bowie’s Son Wasn’t A Big Fan Of Lady Gaga’s Grammys Tribute

One of the most memorable moments from this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony was undoubtedly Lady Gaga‘s tribute to the late music legend David Bowie.

Channelling Ziggy Stardust, Lady Gaga swaggered through an epic nine-song medley in honour of her hero, delivering an elaborate, emotional performance that reduced some audience members to tears.

But it seems that David Bowie’s son wasn’t too impressed.

Duncan Jones delivered a subtle diss to Mother Monster via Twitter, making his feelings about her Grammys number fairly clear.

Posting the Oxford dictionary definition of the word “gaga”, he tweeted: “’Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.’ Damn it! What IS that word!?”

duncan jones


During her performance, Lady Gaga was joined on stage by Nile Rodgers, who produced David’s classic 1983 album Let’s Dance.

And despite the light shade from Bowie jr., and other mixed reactions online, there was still plenty of love for Ziggy Gaga.

One of Bowie’s contemporaries, the great Bette Midler tweeted: “Lady Gaga slays it!!! And there’s the great #nilerogers … David Bowie lives. God, I miss him.”

Actress Reese Witherspoon added, “that Bowie tribute gave me chills”, while comedy queen Ellen DeGeneres wrote: “That was so great. You’re always going to another level”.

Relive Gaga’s Grammys tribute to David Bowie below.

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