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Turns Out That Gnarly AF Broken Ankle Vid From Splendour Is Just A ‘Party Trick’

Both those who did and did not attend Splendour In The Grass 2016 were equally as grossed out by a video doing the rounds today, featuring a Splendour punter apparently hobbling around on a broken ankle in the middle of the festival campsite.

We all thought this poor chap had met with some horrific, perhaps mosh-related accident, or else lost a fight with a deck chair or something like that, but he’s just been outed as a big fat phony.

That’s right, old mate’s ankle wasn’t snapped at 180 degrees at all. Turns out the whole thing was just one elaborate mofo of a party trick, kind of like those people who can dislocate their shoulders to slip through tennis rackets, except infinitely more chat.

The faux ankle-breaker in question – real name Sam Cooper – was exposed by Triple M’s Merrick Watts earlier today, and not only did he fess up to bunging on the gruesome injury for shits n’ giggles, he also proudly revealed that he’d bailed on The Avalanches’ set – or, as Merrick refers to it “young people music” – because he had some – uh – “other stuff” to attend to *wink wink*.

In conclusion, we all just got rolled by a creepily talented sadist.

Listen to the full interview below, thanks to Pedestrian.TV.

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