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Twisted Sister Slam Clive Palmer For Ripping Off Their Song In His New Political Ad

UPDATE 30/04/21: Clive Palmer To Pay $1.5 Million In Damages After Losing Twisted Sister Lawsuit

Controversial Queensland politician Clive Palmer has changed the words to Twisted Sister‘s biggest hit for use in his new ad… and the iconic hard rock band ain’t gonna take it.

Both guitarist Jay Jay French and frontman Dee Snider have hit Twitter to trash the millionaire pollie for ripping off their 1984 anti-establishment anthem ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’  in his new commercial, which plugs his rebranded ‘United Australia Party’ ahead of the next Federal Election.

“Twisted Sister does not endorse Australian politician Clive Palmer, never heard of him and was never informed of Clive Palmer’s use of a re -written version of our song ‘Were Not Gonna Take It’,” tweeted French.

“We receive no money from its use and we are investigating how we can stop it.”

Palmer sh*ttily re-recorded the chorus of the hit song with the doctored lyrics of “Australia ain’t gonna cop it” to soundtrack one ad, which you can watch below, pointing out out the taxpayer money both major parties have wasted on a National Broadband Network that “doesn’t work”.

When quizzed about whether the song’s use in the “horrendous” ad was sanctioned by the band, Snider responded: “No we do not endorse @PalmerUtdParty!

“We are contacting our legal team to address this and if that doesn’t work…I’LL BE DOWN UNDER IN THREE WEEKS TO DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!” he continued, referencing his 2019 solo Australian tour which gets underway at the end of the month.

“‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ is a song about EVERYONE’S right to free choice,” Snider added in a follow-up tweet. “‘We’ve got the right to chose and there ain’t no way we’ll lose it!’ The FIRST LINE of the first verse! Clive Palmer and the @PalmerUtdParty are NOT pro choice…so THIS AIN’T HIS SONG!”

Watch Twisted Sister’s tweets and watch one of Palmer’s offending ads below.

UPDATE: Dee Snider Claims Clive Palmer Knew About Licensing Fees Regarding Re-Written Twisted Sister Song

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