Two Door Cinema Club Praise Lady Gaga For Working With Indie Bands

Two Door Cinema Club’s Alex Trimble has spoken about working with pop star Lady Gaga, praising her for giving exposure to indie bands. The group’s remix of Gaga’s track Electric Chapel was released yesterday and Trimble stated that they simply couldn’t turn down the offer to work with the megastar.

Speaking with NME today, Trimble said:

It was a really nice thing to see that she was getting a lot of indie artists to remix her stuff. I thought if she was doing a remix album she’d have people like David Guetta or Tiesto, so it’s nice that she’s taking lesser-known acts and independent artists, and is giving them exposure.

When asked if he was surprised to find out Gaga was a fan of his band, Trimble said:

Yeah, I do think it’s odd. At the end of the day, she’s just another human being, but she’s a name that almost everyone over the world knows. She’s such a huge phenomenon, so it’s strange to think that somebody like that would be listening to a band like us.

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