UK Man Gets Drunk, Legally Changes Name To Céline Dion

A UK man (and Céline Dion megafan) now shares a name with the Canadian pop singer after having a few too many bevs over Christmas in lockdown.

Previously known as Thomas Dodds, the 30-year-old fan decided to make the change while drinking champagne and watching a concert film of the ‘My Heart Will Go On Singer’ at home on Christmas Eve.

He proceeded to apply for the change of name online, paying the £89 service fee and promptly forgetting all about it until arriving home a few days later to find he’d been mailed all the relevant documentation. From there, it was an easy choice to confirm the process – that’s the Power of Love, baby

He shared an image of the change of name deed on Twitter, with a signature above his new name of Mr. Celine Dion.

“I honestly, hand on heart, don’t remember doing it,” Dodds – or rather, Dion – told the New York Post late last week.

“I remember watching the concert and remember getting rather tipsy… I wasn’t aware I had done it until I found that envelope in my post,” he explained.

“Initially, I had to sit down as I couldn’t believe it — so I then checked my bank which confirmed it all… Once it sunk in, I signed it straightaway as I bloody love her!”

Dion-née-Dodds says that he intends on keeping the name for the foreseeable future, though added that it “depends [on] how difficult it makes my life.”

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