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Ur Boy Bangz Declares Hip Hop Dead In Fiery New Diss Track

Now that he’s scorched the earth beneath Jimmy Fallon’s feet, Aussie rapper Ur Boy Bangz has set his sights on hip hop’s biggest names, calling out the likes of Drake and Eminem in a fiery new diss track called Hip Hop Is Dead.

The new song (below) sees Bangz rapping over some trap rhythms and sharing his thoughts on the cutthroat rap world with lines like, “I started from the bottom without you… now I’m on top you will not show me support.”

It’s not long before Ur Boy Bangz is calling out some of the hip hop world’s biggest names, taking hard swipes at Drake, Meek Mill and Wale.

“I’m trying to kill all of you in one day. Make sure all your fans will fade away,” Bangz raps. “This niggers are sick in the head. That’s why hip hop is dead motherfuckers.”

Hip Hop Is Dead is the follow-up to Ur Boy Bangz’s recent track Do Not Watch, which was released in response to US talkshow host Jimmy Fallon’s dissing of Bangz’s 2009 viral track Take U To Da Movies.

Since hitting back at Fallon with the track, Ur Boy Bangz has said he’s open to the idea of a rap battle against Fallon. The pair are yet to announce any such battle, but Bangz says he’s prepared to release more diss tracks if Fallon hits back.

Hear Ur Boy Bangz declare hip hop dead, below.

Listen: Ur Boy Bangz – Hip Hop Is Dead

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