US Band AJJ Takes The Piss Out Of OK Go With Incredible Single-Take Music Video

Step aside, OK Go. There’s a new band in town looking to steal your mantle as the kings of going viral (and we’re not talking about Steel Panther’s medical history).

US indie rockers AJJ have creatively glove-slapped the famed treadmill dancers with a spectacular new music video, shot in one single take, that makes clips like Here It Goes Again, The Writing’s on the Wall and Upside Down & Inside Out look more basic than the multitude of kindergarten-crayon scribblings that your workmate insists on hanging up at his or her desk.

As Noisey reports, the band’s jaw-dropping video for their latest single, Goodbye, Oh Goodbye incredibly only took 6 months to plan, but was pretty much years in the making.

“We wanted to give people something they’ve never seen before, something fresh and inspiring,”singer Sean Bonnette says of the clip, which was shot over the course of several weeks, incorporating a hefty budget, huge crew, complex choreography, elaborate costumes, a sprawling set, clever camera trickery and a few crafty easter eggs that fans might pick up on.

“I know other bands have tried videos like this but nothing of this magnitude,” says Bonnette. “It feels amazing to be the frontrunner in this style of music video.”

Goodbye, Oh Goodbye comes hot off AJJ’s new album, The Bible 2, which is out on August 19th.

Watch the video – and brace yourself for a rigorous psychological dry-humping – below.

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